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Chimney Solutions


More Than Just Cleaning

Your family’s health and safety matter. If you need professional help in chimney cleaning, trust Dave’s Chimney Service LLC. We are known for our promptness and professionalism at work, so your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Donna H.

“They were very professional and I was very pleased to have them do the work in my home. They repaired my flashing in 2008 and we haven’t had any leaks since.”

Dorothy C.

“You guys were the best. You did an excellent job on my roof and gutter cleaning as well as my woodstove service. Thank you!”

Sarah C.

“We have been using Dave’s Chimney Service for our chimney cleaning, fireplace repairs/maintenance, dryer vent cleaning services and to provide us with custom fabricated chase covers. Their customer service has been far above the rest of the vendors and their response times are equally impressive. Above all, the quality of the work and the knowledge that they provide to both our staff and residents about the fireplace upkeep has been excellent.”

Keep Your Home Safe

Your chimney plays a very crucial role inside any home, having a direct effect on the occupants’ comfort and health. Failing to conduct regular chimney maintenance can lead to serious threats to the safety of your family and property. For exceptional chimney services that will keep your home safe, call us at (360) 895-2623.